Mark Brewer - Branch Sales Manager


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License CA DBo-327032 | NV 47987

NMLS# 327032

Let me help you navigate your way to Homeownership!

Mark, having 26 years in the industry, knows that all mortgage loans are not created equal.  Having five years of financial planning with a 150 year old insurance company prior to entering the industry, Mark does not just look to what the client  needs for today, but how to get his clients out of debt sooner, for the future needs of college, retirement, or what the client’s future need is.  


In his business model, Mark has a passion for Veteran because Mark also has a V.A. Service Connected Disability.  As a former Marine Artillery & Aerial Observer Captain, Mark was trained to look out for his other Marines and was trained to worry about the warrior to his left and right before worrying about himself.  Some say he is hard wired to protect and is demonstrated in his family, business and community outreach.  Veterans and civilians are always welcomed.


In Mark’s community, he has been an adult leader with Boy Scouts of America since 2004 and in the dark ages of his youth was an Eagle Scout himself.  Mark’s father, brother and son are three generations of Eagle Scouts.  Mark enjoys teaching boys, and girls (as of February 1, 2019) the value system and skills of scouting.  Mark has been married to Laura for 27 years and has been blessed by her to be by his side.  They have three children and six grandchildren.